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Desiccant Dehumidifier for Instant coffee processing are manufactured by hygro tech engineers. Kindly visit Also Hygro desiccant dehumidifiers are manufactured desiccant dehumidifiers in following applications Clean Rooms Safety Glass Laminating Composite Manufacturing Biomedical dry rooms Fertilizer packaging & storage Pharmaceutical Foundry core storage Powder products packaging Instant coffee processing Composite fibers material storage Paper storage Flour, plastic and powder conveying Sugar storage & packaging Precision/3D colour printing Dried vegetable storage Propellant production Missile equipments storage Contact lens manufacturing Filament winding Fruit powder manufacturing Chewing gum manufacturing Corrosion Prevention Military Storage Wind turbine Electronics Power Plant Layup Lithium Battery Production Paper and pulp Server Rooms / IT Rooms Semiconductor Fertilizer storage/ packing/ drying Distributed Control Systems (DCS) Rooms Museums & Libraries Data Centers Textile Garment CTPAT storage Sugar drying Fruits and Vegetable Storage Post Harvest Storage Facilities Odour Control Animal Research Labs Marine Applications Industrial plant layup Galvanized steel storage Automotive Aircraft Military tanks preservation Helicopter storage Nuclear waste storage Precision tooling storage Ammunition storage Tyre creel rooms & wire storage Razor blade manufacturing Switchgear Busbar dehumidification Aluminium welding room Dehumidification Condensation Protection Cold Storages Ice Rinks Water Treatment Plants Surface Preparation & Coating Injection Moulding Optical Manufacturing Large gear cases High vacuum sputtering Chilled rollers for film casting Fruit & vegetable storage Mold /Fungus Prevention Archival Storage Seed Storage Cargo Protection Breweries Grains storage Photographic film storage Leather storage Milk powder storage Museum storage Moisture Regain Prevention Candy Manufacturing Clean Rooms Safety Glass Laminating Composite Manufacturing Biomedical dry rooms Fertilizer packaging & storage Pharmaceutical Foundry core storage Powder products packaging Instant coffee processing Composite fibers material storage Paper storage Flour, plastic and powder conveying Sugar storage & packaging Precision/3D colour printing Dried vegetable storage Propellant production Missile equipments storage Contact lens manufacturing Filament winding Fruit powder manufacturing Chewing gum manufacturing Product Drying Investment Castings Spices drying Plastic Resin Drying Candy Coating Fish Drying Honey drying Film manufacturing High voltage transformers Diagnostic reagent powders Whey powder storage Instant coffee storage Pharmaceutical powders Yeast drying Sorbitol drying Sugar substitutes Welding rods storage PET plastic resin drying Nylon resin drying Bead polystyrene drying Glass powder drying Paint pigment drying Tomato powder drying Noodles drying Cigars drying Seeds drying / storage Tea drying /storage Gelatin drying / storage Onions & garlic storage Milk & whey powders drying / storage Spray drying Salami Sausage Drying Honey (Uncured) Drying Mushroom Drying Food Concentrate Snack Food Packing/ drying /storage Coffee industry Jelly beans drying Breakfast cereal drying / storage Gelatin capsules drying / storage Dehydrated Food Drying Thick Sole Leather Parachute Drying Advanced HVAC Systems Auditoriums dehumidification Health clubs Gym Indoor swimming pool Hospitals
Humidity Control for Pneumatic Powder Conveying Humidity / Moisture Control is a critical element for various forms of powders such as fine salt, detergents, flour, powdery foods, calcium phosphate, baking powder, wheat starch, plastics resin etc. Pneumatic conveying as a means of powder conveying system is widely used in many powder processing operations such as in handling transfer of food powders, flour in a mill, bakery or confectionery. Due to the stickiness nature of the hygroscopic powders, they get stuck into nozzles, conveying belts and mixing machines leading to increased maintenance time and bad hygiene. Stickiness – Powder gains properties of adhering or sticking to a surface and get stuck into conveying belts causing bad hygiene which ultimately leads to deteriorating of product quality. Cluster formation – Due to excess moisture similar particles of powder gather closely together forming buildups inside the mixing machine and causing blockages in free flow of powder. Lump formation – A large piece of powder sticks together without a definite shape causing obstruction in the nozzle passage and increasing the maintenance time. Caking – Moist environment forces powder to change into a solid mass which leads to increase in product wastage and slowing down of production process. Food powder processing In order to retain quality of powdery foods, they need to be dried at low temperatures. Applications Temperature (°C) Humidity (% RH) Instant Coffee Processing 26 25 Flour 24 10 Starch 24 20 Gelatin 24 10-30 Milk Powder Storage 21-36 15-30 Confectionary-Chocolate Covering 21-32 45 Coffee Packaging 18 40 Dry Spice Conveying <48 12-16 Gr/Lb Hygro Tech Engineers having a complete solution to treat the moisture problems with Hygro Dehumidifiers & drying chambers for all powder conveying, packing, storage
moisture during PCB assembly can increase the number of failures during assembly, and decrease the circuit assemblies and its life. Exposure to high moisture during Printed Circuit Board (PCB) assembly and manufacturing, leads to Microscopic corrosion Adhesion failures Surface defects Decreased performance of the circuit board. Increase electrical resistance Decrease capacitance. Hygro Desiccant Dehumidifiers provide the ideal low humidity environment in the manufacturing, assembly and storage of these precision, high quality electronic Printed Circuit Boards since they are capable of maintaining RH as low as 1% or even lower at a constant level, regardless of ambient conditions. Ref: AT & S, Mysore
Hygro Tech Engineers has the capability to build state-of-the-art Dry Rooms and provide complete solution for achieving low dewpoint control for your hygroscopic and moisture sensitive material processing in pharma industries, lithium battery manufacturing , defense sectors etc.. for more details please contact @ 9886144100 , visit us at
I pharmaceutical Industries Vial Filling operations entail include conveying of powdered substances to packaging areas in a high velocity air-stream and filling minute quantities of the powder in the vials and capsules. High humidity may cause the powder to stick and cluster together in the conveyor thus hampering air conveying and filling operations. Hygro Tech Engineers has a complete solution to maintain the low RH levels in the desired areas in pharmaceutical industries For more details please visit
Moisture Control in Powder Food Powdered foods like juice concentrates, whey powder, protein supplements, soup powders, cocoa, gelatin, dehydrated soft drink concentrates, instant coffee powders and milk powders are gaining popularity in the growing world. The presence of moisture during processing of food powders and beverage powders causes: Stickiness, Lumping and caking, Cluster formation, Reduce shelf life Recommended RH for Powdered Foods Food Powder Temperature in ºC RH % Instant Coffee Processing 26ºC 20% RH Fruit Powder Handling 20°C – 22°C 35% RH Tomato Powder Production 19°C – 23°C 25% – 35% RH Dry Soup Packaging 21°C 20% RH Powdered Drink Mix Packaging 21°C 20% RH Cooling of Spray Dried Milk Powder 10°C 35%- 40% RH Milk Powder Packaging 22°C– 25°C 35% – 40% RH Whey Powder Manufacturing/Storage 21°C – 26°C 15% – 30% RH Hygro Tech Engineers has a complete turnkey solution in treating moisture problems for powdery products. for more details please contact / 9886144100
DESICCANT ROTOR The desiccant rotor is a high capacity desiccant media captivated in a circumference rim with radial spokes. The spokes attach to a central hub with integral sealed ball bearings. The sealed bearings ride on a solid center shaft. The rotor is held in place with a lock ring on each side the desiccant material, usually a silica gel impregnated into a support. This looks like a honeycomb, which is open on both ends. Air passes through the honeycomb passages, giving up moisture to the desiccant contained in the walls of the honeycomb cells. The desiccant structure is formed into the shape of a wheel. The wheel constantly rotates through two separate air streams. The first stream, called the process air. Is dries by the desiccant. The second air stream, called reactivation or regeneration air, is heated. It dries the desiccant. Technical Specifications Rotor material Desiccant: Solid silica gel Silica Gel Si02 - 82% Glass-fibre- 16% Acrylic surface coating - 2% Technical Data Density: 240kg/m3 Surface compression strength: >200kpa Water vapour absorption capacity :> 40% Max temp: 160Deg C PATENTED Desiccant Rotor Product NOT classified as harmful to the environment Properties No limitation of process air relative humidity. As long as no droplets are introduced in rotor during operation Dehumidification performance after continuous operation for: 5 years: approx. 90% 10 years: approx. 90% 15 years: approx. 90% Incombustible Washable in water or non alkaline detergent after saturation in humid air HYGRO DEHUMIDIFIER ADVANTAGES The Dehumidifier Manufactured by Hygro Tech is non cyclic, rotary type and removes the moisture by process of continues physical adsorption. The desiccant used by Hygro Tech is non toxic, non flammable with maximum moisture removal Capacity Hygro Dehumidifier can maintain Relative humidity (RH) as low as 1% regardless of ambient conditions.
Hygro tech developed with new specialized / customized wood drying kiln
Humidity Control for Turbine Storage Turbines are indispensable for power generation and like work. It is necessary to maintain Turbines and other equipment in prime condition while in operation and during storage. This enables smooth running of the turbines and also ensures that they are capable of going ‘on-line’ immediately post storage. Moisture however plays havoc with Turbines, Power Generators, Boilers, Condensers etc. These equipment begin to rust and corrode while in storage or while in operation. If the relative humidity of the area where expensive equipment is stored can be restricted below 40%, then all equipment like generator, turbines and their components can be maintained in well -preserved condition for immediate activation whenever required. Hygro Dehumidifiers prevents corrosion, mold and mildew growth and prevents deterioration of equipment. For more details please visit